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Custom hearing protection as unique as you


Repeated exposure to intense noise can cause hearing loss, custom ear molds are one solution. Hearing loss usually is irreversible, protect yourself before it happens. At Atlanta Mobile Hearing, we strongly believe using ear plugs now is much better than hearing aids later.

There are many sounds that can lead to noise-induced hearing loss and are not limited to, lawnmowers, firearms, chainsaws, loud traffic, fireworks and more.


Store-bought earplugs are good, but a custom solution can provide more protection. We can manufacture custom earplugs in a variety of styles and colors to meet your desires. 

Custom hearing protection is ideal for:


  • Swimmers

  • Factory workers

  • Woodworkers 

  • Live music fans

  • Victims of their partner snoring

  • Gun enthusiasts / Hunters will appreciate our ear molds fitted with attenuators. Attenuators allow you to communicate, while still protecting your hearing.


Don't allow Loud noise to permanently damage your hearing. Protect your ears with one of our custom ear molds or earplug products.

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