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A good fit and correct programming are critical


Investing in your hearing is a wise decision, but to get the most out of your hearing aids they will need to be fit and programmed correctly. During a hearing aid and fitting session, Atlanta Mobile Hearing will tune and calibrate your devices to meet your specific hearing loss. We rely on "Real Ear Measurement" to let us know how the hearing aid is performing for you.




Once your hearing aids are comfortable and programmed correctly, we will train you how to use them. You will know how to get the maximum out of your equipment and how everything functions.


By the end of your first day you will know how to:

  • clean and maintain your hearing aids

  • use any peripheral devices

  • to change all filters 

  • to change batteries

  • to know what kind of batteries to buy

  • use your smartphone app (we will install the correct app and make sure it is working.)


We guarantee that you will be comfortable and will completely understand your new hearing aids. Rest assured Atlanta Mobile Hearing we will always be there to answer all of your questions. We recommend a follow-up visit within two weeks, regular maintenance visits and a once a year annual hearing test. Patience and persistence are the keys to success with your new hearing aids


We repair all types of hearing aids


Having hearing loss is no fun, and if your hearing aid is in need of repair, you need it done quickly. Most hearing aid repairs can be handled quickly and easily in our office. We stock most parts and have state-of-the-art equipment to help maintain your investment. Should, however, you need maintenance from the factory, we may offer loaner hearing aids while you're waiting. We will do everything possible to get you quickly back on the path of better hearing.

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