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-Douglas Garbart

  Certified HIS Professional

  Atlanta Mobile Hearing

"I guarantee you will change your life for the better in just one hour."

The 5 Benefits of Treating

Hearing Loss


Relationships rely on communication. Hearing loss can be a wall between people, but using hearing aids can bring people together.


Financial Success

Good hearing is critical to meeting one's full potential at work. Studies show that the risk of income loss can be reduced by using hearing aids.*


Cognitive Skills

Studies show that seniors with hearing loss are more prone to dementia, by using hearing aids, they are likely to improve their cognitive skills.*



Hearing loss can make you feel lonely and frustrated. Hearing aids restore the ability to communicate effectively and live confidently.



Using hearing aids to bring back the gift the sound can improve one's sense of control and self-confidence.


*Better Hearing Institute (BHI). Addressing Hearing Loss Proves Win-Win for Both Employers and Employees. Accessed May 2015



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Call for a Free In-Home Hearing Exam!

(404) 468-0307

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Hi, I'm Douglas Garbart, President of Atlanta Mobile Hearing Services.

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