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Your experience matters to us.

At Atlanta Mobile Hearing we believe in doing what's right for each patient, we thoroughly explain the details of your appointment. Giving you customize individual service is our highest priority. During our interview, together we will uncover your hearing concerns. Our comprehensive hearing evaluations will use a battery of tests to accurately diagnose and treat your symptoms. We always give you a variety of possible solutions and help you to make the right choice that best meets your individual needs 


Before Your First Appointment

It is understandable that people feel a little bit nervous before visiting a healthcare professional for the first time. Rest assured we're going to try to make you as comfortable and relaxed as we can. 


Hearing Consultation: Reviewing Your Needs

Your hearing evaluation begins with getting to know you and your concerns. Together, we will look at the information and talk about the challenges you're experiencing. Understanding your hearing challenges help us to determine the correct course of treatment. We will ask you to answer a number of questions and complete an intake form. We would prefer that you bring a family member or somebody you trust with you. Hearing loss is about communication, communication with the people around you.


During the Hearing Evaluation

A comprehensive visit by Atlanta Mobile Hearing usually takes between 30 and 60 minutes. We start with a physical examination of your ears to make sure they are clear and healthy. Any wax blockage or physical abnormalities could be part of your hearing impairment, so we need to rule out these possibilities before beginning with your hearing exam. 


Hearing Test

At Atlanta Mobile Hearing we use only the latest technology when it comes to your hearing test.

With pure tone audiometry, you'll be requested to put on a pair of specialized headphones and we will play a variety of tones in different frequencies and intensities. This will allow us to better understand which tones you are able to hear clearly and which tones you cannot perceive.

Speech audiometry is a method of measuring your ability to recognize speech. This test is similar to the pure tone test, but instead of listening to different tones, you listen to certain words spoken at different volumes, which you are asked to repeat. As each patients hearing loss is unique and presents itself on a variety of ways, this information will create a picture of the best types of hearing aids for you.


After Your Visit

Getting adjusted to a hearing aid takes time and we ask our patients to keep an open mind. Wearing your hearing aids all day long and doing the required physical therapy is a necessity. We will recommend follow-up visits as well, in order to achieve a good result. Wearing hearing aids can come with a bit of a learning curve, but it is our goal at Atlanta Mobile Hearing to provide you support every step of the way.

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